Mystery Rider

Find inefficiencies, improve rider experience, and boost customer satisfaction with a custom mystery rider program.

Providing Custom Mystery Rider Solutions

Public Transit

Airport Ground Transport

Rail Services

Taxi Companies


Stations and Call Centers

Improve Ridership Experience

  • We’ve got a network of well-trained staff that is ready to hit the field to bring you actionable insights to help you improve your rider experience.
  • ACPView will show you exactly where your service is lacking and what you can do to fix it.
  • We have decades of experience and 10,000+ mystery rides under our belt.

Talk to us about your challenges and we’ll help you develop a custom program that’s perfect for your needs.

The Rider Perspective

Customer Service

Telephone call center performance operator customer service and friendliness performance versus schedule (on-time analysis)

Frequency of passbys overall vehicle cleanliness


Federal ADA compliance and monitoring operator driving and safety performance bus/rail announcements compliance condition of vehicle and safety equipment bus operator mobile device tie down compliance


Paratransit reservations and ride services elevator/escalator operations/outages effectiveness of public announcements

Providing Actionable Insights

We are Proud of Our Work

Improve rider experience and boost your bottom line. Custom-built mystery programs for public transit, airports, taxis and more.

Custom Programs

Every shopping program we run is a custom program, specially designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Robust Reporting

Our web-based reporting software is convenient and provides the data you need to make critical improvements.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been conducting mystery rider programs for years. You can trust our extensive track record of providing valuable insights.

Strong Relationships

Our business is built on relationships. We work closely with our partners to ensure the best customer service and the most accurate data.

Whatever your business, We can help.

See your business from A Customer’s Point of View. Let’s get started by creating a better customer experience today!


FAQ – Mystery Rider Program

How do I get started?

Just send us a message with a little bit about your situation. We’ll contact you to schedule a free initial consultation.

How long does a mystery rider program take to get started?

Every program is different and the timeframe will depend on the size of the program, the location and other factors. After our initial consultation, we’ll have a better idea of your needs and we can give you a more accurate estimate. Contact us for a consultation.

Do you audit transit stations or just vehicles?

We are able to analyze and assess any aspects of your operation, including ticket counters, automated ticket machine performance, call-center support, field personnel, employee friendliness and professionalism, ride experience, signage and more.
Just let us know what you need, we’ve probably done it before.

What companies or transit authorities have you worked with?

For privacy reasons, we’re unable to publish many of our past clients on our website but we have worked with taxi bureaus, major metropolitan and rural transit systems and private charter bus companies. If you have questions about our experience in a particular industry, please just contact us and we’ll share some additional information.

How can I trust that your riders will do a good job?

We recruit only the best mystery shoppers, callers and riders. In addition, we have developed a unique system of checks and balances to ensure that you receive an accurate report.

I have a unique situation, can you help me?

Custom solutions are our thing. So if you have a unique challenge, don’t take it to a big corporate company that doesn’t have the flexibility you require. We’d love to help you.