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A Customer’s Point of View is a premier mystery shopping company and we’re always looking for great people to join our team.


Mystery shopping is fun…

When you become an ACPVIEW independent evaluator, you’ll be called upon to visit stores or offices, dine at restaurants, make phone calls and other tasks, based on your availability.

It’s a fun way to earn some extra income and maybe get some free meals or other items.

…but it’s serious work.

Our independent evaluators have an excellent reputation for professionalism and reliability in the mystery shopping world. We’re very proud of that.

Our clients depend on your reports to make important decisions about their business. And the employees that you will encounter in the field may have evaluations, raises, bonuses and awards that depend on your ability to be both critical and fair.

So this is an assignment. And a serious one. If you’re going to succeed as an independent evaluator, you’ll need to approach it that way.


Are you the the person we're looking for?

We can always use more Independent Evaluators who are responsible and serious about their work.
  • Good writing and verbal skills
  • Love people interaction
  • Accurate recording of experience
  • Obsessively observant
  • Capable of remembering small details
  • Have computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Have reliable internet access
  • Ability to meet deadlines
If you think you have what it takes to be an Independent Mystery Evaluator, then come shop with us!
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FAQ - Being an Independent
Mystery Evaluator

Can anybody be a mystery evaluator?

Yes...but we’re looking specifically for enthusiastic individuals who share our vision of monitoring and assisting our clients in improving their customer’s experience.
For that reason, we need reliable individuals with great report writing skills. You must pay attention to details and be able to retain and retrieve accurate information.
You’ll also need access to a computer/internet to sign-up as a shopper, self-assign shops and submit your reports.
If you are all of those things, just click the button above or below to complete the sign-up form.

How do I become a mystery evaluator?

Just click the button above or below to sign up with us!

When can I start?

Once you sign-up, you can see what jobs are available in your area. If there is something now, you can get started right away!

If you do not see any shops, they are either assigned or we currently do not have any in your area.

I have a full-time job...can I do this in my spare time?

Absolutely! The beauty of mystery shopping is that you can pick the jobs you want, based on your schedule.

How much and when will I get paid?

The payment for each job will depend on the client, how long it takes you to conduct and report the shop, and the complexity of the job.
The payment and any reimbursement for required purchases will be shown to you before you accept the job.
Payment and reimbursement are made through PayPal approximately 45 days from the end of the month in which the shop was completed.

Why do you need my social security number and ID?

The truth? We need to be sure that you are a live, red-blooded REAL human being. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously, therefore making sure that our Independent Contractors are properly reviewed and vetted. 
Plus we need it for payment verification purposes. We can't pay a ghost!

What does it mean that evaluators are “independent contractors”?

Independent contractors are defined as “independent” because they are NOT an employee of the mystery shopping organization for which they are conducting work. They do so on the basis that they may accept or decline any potential work that is available to them and they can work for as many mystery shopping organizations as they would like.

Will I get free stuff?

If you’re looking for handouts then you’re starting down the wrong road…
This is a serious business and clients depend or your feedback to effectively operate their business. Your primary reason for becoming a mystery shopper should be to provide that feedback.  
You will be reimbursed for some purchases and meals, as per the terms of the specific shop. Reimbursement in those cases will be made at the same time as payment.  
But if you’re thinking of getting into mystery shopping just for free stuff, you’re going to be disappointed.

I received a check/money order of a considerable dollar amount from your company to complete a shop. What are my next steps?

ACPVIEW does not send out checks/money orders. Nor do we prepay for shops! 
We pay only via PayPal AFTER you have successfully completed and submitted a shop. Do not deposit the check/money order as this is most likely is a SCAM.  
There is no need to contact ACPVIEW as we have nothing to do with this, even though the scammers may be using our name.                                                
For additional information, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at                                  

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