A Customer’s Point of View

A Customer’s Point of View is your enthusiastic partner in creating exceptional customer experiences. Our mission is always to make a game-changing difference in how your customers experience your business.

Who Are We?

We’re a boutique firm, so we focus on providing personalized
service to each of our clients rather than trying to push as many
clients as possible through our door.

Founded in 1997, we’ve been providing customized mystery shopping services for
clients throughout North America for over 20 years. Work hand in hand with us to
get to the heart of the issues that are hurting your sales today. And also the ones
that will damage your long-term relationships for the future.

Members Or Affiliated With

We uphold the standards of national industry organizations. 

Experience the difference – that difference that a customized solution can make in your business.

How We Got Here:
Our Founder’s Story

Our two decades of experience are your strategic advantage. 

It all started in 1996 with a small online ad that read “Get Paid to Eat.” Sounded simple enough. So I took them up on the offer. 

I still remember all of it. What was ordered, how long it took to get the food, and even the server’s face. But more importantly, I remember the 47 seconds it took for someone to greet me after walking into the restaurant. 

I knew I had a knack for noticing the smallest details.  

And we knew immediately that we had found our passion.

I immediately knew I had found my passion.

I continued working as a mystery shopper part-time for a couple of months before beginning to research how to start my own mystery shopper business. 

Just a year later in 1997, A Customer’s Point of View was born. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since those early days. 

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve worked with over 200 clients and have run over 100,000 successful mystery shopper shops. 

We’ve Learned A lot

  • Operating Mystery Shopper, Mystring Riding and Mystery Calling programs
  • Analyze shopping data effectively and notify clients quicker ways to bet better results
  • Develop an internal reporting system customized to customers requirements that allow online access to reporting

After 25 years we still love helping our clients uncover their problems, improve their customer experience and be more profitable.

Your project is our #1 priority.

Find Out What’s Holding Your Business Back