About Us

We bring your customer’s point of view to you.

A Customer’s Point of View is your enthusiastic partner in creating exceptional customer experiences.

Our mission is always to make a game-changing difference in how your customers experience your business.

We’re a boutique firm, so we focus on providing personalized service to each of our clients rather than trying to push as many clients as possible through our door.

And that means that your project is our #1 priority.

Founded in 1997, we’ve been providing customized mystery shopping services for clients throughout North America for over 20 years.

Work hand in hand with us to get to the heart of the issues that are hurting your sales today. And also the ones that will damage your long-term relationships for the future.

Schedule a free consultation to experience the difference that difference that a customized solution can make in your business.

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How We Got

The year was 1996.

When ACPVIEW partners fired up our new Compaq computer to explore this brand-new internet thing when we came across an ad that simply said: “Get paid to eat.”

And we said…”Heck, we can do that!”

So, we went to a restaurant in downtown Atlanta for our first mystery dining job.

To this day, we can still remember what they ate. And the server’s face. And the 47 seconds it took for us to be greeted after we walked in the door.

We realized that we had a knack for noticing the littlest details.

And we knew immediately that we had found our passion.

After we worked as a mystery shopper for a few months, we started researching how to start our own mystery shopping service during breaks at our day jobs at a telecommunications company.

Then, in 1997– just over one year after that first dinner– A Customer’s Point of View was born.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come since those early days…

Over the past 20+ years we’ve worked closely with over 200 clients and ran over 100,000 successful mystery shops!

And we’ve learned a lot.

Not only about how to run a mystery shopping, mystery riding and mystery calling programs, but also about how to analyze shopping data effectively. And how to present that data to our clients in a way that shows them what they need to do to get better results quickly.

We developed our own online reporting system based on our customers’ needs so that they can get their reports from wherever they are…and get them a lot quicker than back when we first started when the post office was handling the delivery!

Anyway, even after 20 years we still love helping our clients uncover their problems, fix their customer experience and be more profitable.

We’ve got a great team, the best shoppers in the industry and a lot to be thankful for.

We’re looking forward to helping your business too! Just give me a call and let’s talk about how we can do it.


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Scammers are sending out letters and checks with mystery shopping opportunities using ACPVIEW’s name and logo. This is a scam. A Customer’s Point of View did not send out these letters. We advise you not to cash this check and throw it away. Do not engage the scammers in conversation.

A Customer's Point of View is a legitimate company that is always seeking people to monitor customers' experiences nationwide. Our opportunities are available online in our portal. You are paid AFTER the assignment is completed via PayPal. If you are still interested in opportunities, we invite you to visit our website at www.acpview.com where you will find information about the industry.